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Rover Vans

Rover Vans Tire Carrier & Ladder Combo for Promaster

Rover Vans Tire Carrier & Ladder Combo for Promaster


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For Ram Promaster

Being van people ourselves we wanted to make sure we designed our vans to be practical and functional. We realized that we needed to make space on the inside for everything you might need on your adventure. We got rid of all the boring stuff and kept only what we thought was essential. We thought we had done it and took a van out for a spin…suddenly we realized while sitting on the side of the road… we forgot about something pretty important.

Turns out a spare tire and a place to keep it isn’t “boring”. We went back to the drawing board and found a way to bring functionality and practicality into our very first product.

Our Tire Carrier / Ladder Combo was designed by US for US, and well so far EVERYONE loves it!

Our Tire Carrier / Ladder Combo mounts using the stock hinges on your van. It features foot pegs to make climbing around the tire simple and easy, and plenty of space to climb the ladder with boots on. We also include a hinge limiter strap to prevent damage to your van, and a license plate relocation kit is included. Our clean and simple design is a great addition to any van build!

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