FLOORPLAN: This plan is a dream come true for so many involved in the moto industry. It combines all the amenities and features of a full camper mixed with the convenience and security of a garage. Pulling a trailer is sometimes a pain and maintaining versatility is often number one. The TransMoto floor plan was designed specifically for the Ford Transit High Roof Extended wheel base cargo van. The Ford Transit High Roof is 7-8 inches higher than the Sprinter/Promaster, which makes this build possible. It offers seating for 4, sleeping for 4, cassette toilet, stove, sink, fridge, solar, slide out pantry, diesel furnace and even a wash down tank, and pressure washer in the back. This thing is truly the ultimate Motovan!

OVERVIEW: Seats 3-4 (4 with 2 seat bifold bed)
Sleeps 2-3 (1 child/youth with front swivel seat base)
Large enclosed garage for dirt bikes
1 or 2 seat bifold bed with swivel table
Raised fixed bed
Aluminum bed ladder
Compact kitchen galley
Hot water
Vertical cabinets with fridge/freezer
Toilet cabinet
Two horizontal upper cabinets
Dirt bike garage sealed off from living area
Garage side storage cabinets
Pressure washer

68L fresh water storage
19L grey water storage (portable)
14L hot water (portable)
Bed height: 1334 mm (52.5 in)
Bed dimensions: 2007 x 1607 mm (79 x 63.25 in)
Bed clearance: 610 mm (24 in)

Garage dimensions: (79 x 63.25 x 52.5 in)

COMPATABILITY: Ford Transit High Roof Extended

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